Pielegnacja magla w ofercie Stakro Consulting


We offer:

  • Aramid wax cloth - with a polyester wax bag with silicone coating.
    Available sizes: 110, 180, 220, 310 cm wide.
  • Blue bowl cleaning cloth (scratch) - Aramid mat with steel wool stripes and polishing felts. 
    Available sizes: 110, 150, 180, 220, 305 cm wide.
  • Red trough cleaning cloth - For cleaning the stainless steel heating band troughs with stainless steel wool strips and polishing felt. 
    Available sizes: 180, 220 cm wide.
  • Special abrasive fleece - For mechanical removal of massive deposits, heat-resistant with corundum crystals - 25m roll, 50mm width.
  • Paste for chemical trough cleaning - Caution! Use only with the aramid trough cleaning cloth for paste cleaning. Bucket 8 kg.
  • Aramid trough cleaning cloth for paste cleaning - Bag for aramid paste with silicone coating. 
    Available sizes: 180, 220 cm



  • Different colours of the wax cloth and paste cloth prevent their replacement.
  • The difference in colour is also found in the cleaning cloths.
  • For stainless steel heating band troughs, please only use the cleaning cloths with stainless steel wool.