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We offer:

  • SUPERTAPE GAS-OIL - Premium quality - up to 230oC. For ironers with steam, gas/electric heating. Suitable for welding with the Tapematic unit or a conventional welding machine. Roll 400m, 2 black strips, width 13mm.
  • Aramid polyester tape - Premium quality - up to 190oC. For steam heated ironers, 400m roll, 13mm width. Suitable for welding with the Tapematic machine.
  • Polyester tape type MBS - Standard quality - up to 185oC. For steam-heated ironers, 400m roll, 3 black stripes, width 13mm. Suitable for welding with the Tapematic machine.


Universal butt welding machine for all available belts: 

Urządzenie Tapematic

  • Ultrasonic welding technology
  • No heating or cooling required
  • Extended to maximum belt life


  • Quality improvement through elimination of knots on the tapes
  • Less belt wear
  • Fewer breaks at work
  • Elimination of technical problems during the folding with the remains of kidnapped tapes


Tapematic welding machineZgrzewarks Tapematic


Mini Tapematic welderZgrzewarka Tapematic Mini



Types of tape knot:

In three steps: Flat and durable.

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